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MST Upgrade / Broken VLAN routing.

I recently upgraded from PVST to MST, and at some point inter-VLAN routing got broken. I can't say for sure that the MST upgrade was the cause, but it happened during the same period.

Here is what I have determined:

My management VLAN is VLAN2.

The layer 3 switch can ping a device in VLAN5 on a connected switch, so I don't suspect trunking misconfiguration.

The connected switch is unable to ping the device in VLAN5. When a traceroute is run, it dies in 1 hop on the L3 switch at the management VLAN interface (

All switches can ping each other, and all non L3 switches are able to ping all VLAN interfaces.

This seems like such a simple problem, yet for the life of me I don't know what's going on. IP routing is enabled on my L3 device.

Any ideas?


Re: MST Upgrade / Broken VLAN routing.

Here is a document which has a sample configuration to migrate the spanning tree mode from PVST+ to Multiple Spanning Tree (MST).

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