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MSTP configuration


      I need help with the MSTP configuration relating to instance etc, by which i can have this topology up and running and also pass traffic around.

SW7 is a L2 switch is trunk linked to SW5 and SW6. These trunk links carry Vlans 200,25,2100. SW5 and SW6 will be running HSRP for Vlan 25 and Vlan 200

SW5 and SW6 and linked to SW3 and SW4 via Ether channel trunk links and carry vlans 1,10,100-104,200,2100.  Vlan 25 is not carried around.

Similarly SW3 and SW4 are linked to SW1 and SW2 via trunk links and carry vlans 1,10,100-104,200,2100. SW1 and SW2 will be running HSRP for Vlan 200 and other vlans that are 100-104.

My Question is, what will be the instance configuration so that I can get my MSTP running and at the same time, get my traffic flowing across all the switches?

Do I need to put some of the switches in different regions, boundary switches, to get my network operation?

Any help will be appreaciated.

Thank you.

-/ Kiran Cherian

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Message was edited by: kirancherian

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Re: MSTP configuration

Again.... any takes? I really could use some clue or idea for the same. I tried avoiding using the IST and separated my Vlan into Insatance 1 and 2. But still i see some disruption in connectivity.

-/ Kiran

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