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Mulitiple IP on single vlan in cat 45xx switch


I would like to know if it is possible to assign a 3rd IP address to my end user vlan

Basically the 45xx acts as my end user gateway and has been confirgured as below

interface VlanXX

description Main Vlan

ip address 2.X.X.X secondary

ip address 1.X.X.X

glbp 10 ip 1.x.x.x

glbp 10 ip 2.x.x.x secondary

glbp 10 priority 10

glbp 10 load-balancing host-dependent

glbp 10 authentication md5 key-string xxxxxx

glbp 10 name USERS-GATEWAY

Here, due to IP address exhaustion in my end-user network, i want to add one more subnet X.X.X.X/22 to my network and assign one IP more from this range to the above vlan to act as the gateway IP.

Please let me know if it is possible to do the same.

Thanks in advance.


Mulitiple IP on single vlan in cat 45xx switch

You are able to configure as many secondary IP addresses as you wish, therefore you should go for it.

As for the actual design, it would probably be more efficient to create an additional VLAN if you're planning to incorporate this many hosts into one VLAN.

But again to answer your question, it should be no problem adding another secondary IP.

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