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Multicast advice needed on Cat 6513 IOS 12.2SXF5

Hi folks

I have a vlan interface configured with ip igmp snooping querier, this interface serves a vlan hosting alot of multicast senders and receivers. No multicast routing between vlans is needed at his time. I'm starting to get complaints from our developers that some applications listening on multicast channels loose their traffic from time to time. What I've gathered so far is that some applications on some servers loose their channel connectivity while the same application on another server still works. It seems the servers just drops from the multicast channels.

Multicast is not my best area of knowledge and I have neither full insight into the applications having these problems. What I understand so far from reading the IOS manuals igmp snooping querier is a "passive" method of connecting a multicast sender and listener without reporting much back to the servers/applications. When I present this theory to the developers they request that I set up some sort of "active" multicast control on the 6513, something that checks back to the applications or at least is better at keeping the traffic flowing. A show ip igmp int vlan XX reads IGMP disabled on interface but IGMP snooping globally enabled. Would enabling IGMP on the vlan interface solve the problem?

Have I got it all wrong or is there something I can do to improve the multicast reliability?


Fredrik Hofgren


Re: Multicast advice needed on Cat 6513 IOS 12.2SXF5

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