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Multicast - Anycast w/ AutoRP design

All, this is working fine in a lab and I'm about to deploy in production. Please let me know what you think...any suggestions?

Config came from here:

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Re: Multicast - Anycast w/ AutoRP design

Hello Alex,

anycast RP can be implemented also using BSR instead of autoRP this has some advantages:

BSR is standards based

BSR uses pim v2 bsr messages and doesn't need to use ip pim sparse-dense-mode allowing for better control

BSR provides an election mechanism for both the candidate RPs and the BSR routers providing redundancy.

Auto RP doesn't provide an election mechanism for the mapping agent

BSR messages are complete information and not the point of view of the mapping agent.

The hash function allows for forms of load balancing between two candidate RPs based on group ip addresses.

So if you have time I would test anycast RP with BSR.

The config examples are present in the document you have linked.

Hope to help


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Re: Multicast - Anycast w/ AutoRP design

BSR and p pim sparse-dense-mode play fine together correct?

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Re: Multicast - Anycast w/ AutoRP design

Hi Alex,

Yes, the BSR and the PIM Sparse-Dense are fully interoperable. Do you have any particular need to run the hybrid Sparse-Dense mode?

Best regards,


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Re: Multicast - Anycast w/ AutoRP design

PIM sparse-dense mode are already configured under the interfaces.

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