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Multicast blocking in layer 2 switch

Hello there,


I need your help, this is the problem that I have.

We have a 3750X with 7 ports assigned to a different multicast IP address (connected to the encoders), these are the ports with the multicast ip address and the rate that the encoder is sending:

Pto 2 - - 3.5 Mbps
Pto 3 - - 3.5 Mbps
Pto 13 - - 15 Mbps
Pto 13 - - 15 Mbps
Pto 13 - - 15 Mbps
Pto 13 - - 15 Mbps
Pto 13 - - 5.0 Mbps

The last port (48) is connected to a different device and this box is receiving the multicast ip addresses. My problem is that in every single port on the switch is receiving all the multicast traffic so the switch is having high cpu, I have the outputs from the console monitor (application that sees the odd behavior).

As far as I know this is expected since this is layer 2 device but I'm not sure. Please help so I can configure what I need to stop the high cpu and the traffic to be sent over the rest of the ports (including those ports).


Kindly regards


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