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Multicast design question

All, attached is my current topology. Keep in mind that the EDGE RTRs are not the internet routers and OSPF is the routing protocol. I'm looking for feedback on this, I want to deploy Multicast with PIM Sparse Dense Mode.

EDGE RTRs - Anycast w/Auto RP MSDP(or should the CORE SWs be configured instead of EDGE RTRs?)

CORE or DSTR - Auto RP mapping Agents

ACCESS - IGMP Snooping

EDGE - 7606

CORE - 6506


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Re: Multicast design question

Hello Alex,

you can also think of using PIM bootstrap protocol that is a standard supporting multivendor context and that works well in PIM sparse mode.

You can have anycast RP working also with BSR even if most examples show autoRP.

What is necessary is MSDP for anycast RP.

In addition BSR provides a way to elect the bootstrap router providing redundancy for this element auto rp mapping agent is not elected and switchover is not easy (auto RP messages provide mapping agent choices while BSR messages contain original information)

You can have core devices acting as RPs.

Edge devices can be the BSR or mapping agents.

Hope to help


Re: Multicast design question

i agree with Giuseppe

also you need to consider what Mcast traffic you will, where the source will be located and so on

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Re: Multicast design question

Ok, so based on my graph...multicast will be sourced from access and destination is behind edge routers. Now, I like the BSR idea, so I was thinking about configuring the EDGE RTRs as C-RP and CORE as BSR.

However, most config samples I seen have C-RP and BSR configured on the same router...what's the consensus on this? any benefits?

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