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multicast replication mode changed after going from SRD6 to SRE6

Going from SRD6 to SRE6 on a 7600 caused changing the multicast replication mode from egress to ingress.
It seems that in SRD6 the supervisor - which is a SUP720 - automatically detected the replication mode based  on the module types installed in the system - and set the replication mode to egress.

After going to SRE6, we noticed that a new command appeared in config:

mls ip multicast replication-mode ingress

and because of this the replication mode is now ingress even all the modules are egress capable:

#show platform software multicast ip capability

Current System HW Replication Mode : Ingress
Auto-detection of Replication Mode : OFF

Slot Replication-Capability Replication-Mode
   1 Egress                 Ingress
   2 Egress                 Ingress
   3 Egress                 Ingress
   4 Egress                 Ingress
   5 Egress                 Ingress
   9 Egress                 Ingress


ip multicast-routing
ip multicast multipath s-g-hash next-hop-based


ip multicast-routing
mls ip multicast replication-mode ingress
ip multicast multipath s-g-hash next-hop-based

Did someone else notice this (strange?) behavior?

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