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Multicasting from non-BGP to BGP network

Trying to create an MSDP peering session with a BGP network. The peers are established but it seems like the multicast routes/groups aren't being

picked up by the RP border router on the BGP network originating from the non-BGP RP router

Mulicast groups though are being picked up by the RP on the non BGP network. It seems (S,A) is one way. This is pretty much the set up.

Router1 (RP) <----> [Router 2(RP)<BGP Domain > ----> internal RP peers>]

Router 1 and Router 2 are MSDP peers.

I read that you need to do something else to advertise multicast routes from a non-BGP network into the BGP network.

What is the best configuration to make this work ? Does the Router2 need to configure a default peer pointing towards Router1 ?

Maybe it is an entirely different problem ...  Any assistance is appreciated.



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Multicasting from non-BGP to BGP network

Does your Router 2 RP have other MSDP peers in addition to the Router1 RP? If so, then whenever an MSDP router has more than one MSDP peer it will be doing Loop prevention checks. Loop prevention checks with non-BGP peer are not possible and therefore you have to turn off loop prevention checks for that peer. The quick and easy way to do it is with:

ip msdp default-peer ROUTER1_IP

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Multicasting from non-BGP to BGP network

Yes router 2 has other MSDP peers within its BGP domain. I'll try this and let you know if this is the problem.

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Multicasting from non-BGP to BGP network

The Router 2 is a Nexus 7000. What is the equivalent of the default peer configuration on the Nexus.

There didn't seem to be an option for that.

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