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Multicasting problems on 3745 with switch card

When we configure multicasting on our 3745 router with a switch card (NMD-36-ESW) it will not pass the data to other networks. There are multiple vlans set up on the switch card, with corresponding vlan interfaces. We have a Windows server running Windows Media server on one VLAN as our multicast source. We have hosts off of other vlans as clients using Windows Media Player. This is a very simple design. We enabled ip multicast routing, enabled ip pim

sparse-dense-mode on the corresponding vlan interfaces, and are unable to get the clients to receive the multicast data. When we moved this network setup to use a single 3620 and a 3550 (layer 2 only), it works. We also tried it using the 3550 exclusively, with ip routing

enabled, and it worked. We are led to believe that the issue is with the 3745 router and switch card. Anyone have any suggestions???

Cisco Employee

Re: Multicasting problems on 3745 with switch card

Do you only have one switching module installed in the 3745? If not, you might need to enable stacking between the switching modules.

Please refer to the following URL, for more information on intra-chassis stacking:

Hope this helps,

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Re: Multicasting problems on 3745 with switch card

We only have one card in the router, but I did look into the documentation just in case there was other information. To this point we still don't know what the issue is.

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