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Multiple BGP instances

Hi All,

We have a central location (can be called as HUB location) to which multiple branch locations connect over MPLS connectivity. Currenlty we are using non-Cisco device to terminate MPLS links in central location. CE-PE routing protocol used is BGP.

Since there are multiple MPLS service providers are involved and each of them use different AS numbers, we made use of virtual routing instances to use multiple BGP instances.

In future, we are planning to buy Cisco routers to terminate these MPLS links. As per our findings, Cisco ISR 4451-X suffice our requirement in terms of bandwidth, number of sessions etc...

However, we are not able to find any document as such, which gives information of multiple BGP instances configuration or virtual router instance configuration.

So, we would like to know whether Cisco 4451-X ISR supports multiple BGP instances?

Also it would be helpful if anyone can help to know whether is there any possibility to cluster 4451-X routers or any other way to build redundancy in terms of hardware.




Multiple BGP instances

Unfortunately there seems to be little documentation on 4451-x so far. It is part of the ISR G2 family though and I think it is running IOS-XE.

I would expect it to run same features as all ISR meaning that using VRFs should be no issue. You can then peer BGP within the VRFs. You could probably even run MPLS on it if you wanted to.

I don't believe it has any clustering functionality. Hopefully someone from Cisco can clarify with more information.

Daniel Dib
CCIE #37149

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