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multiple vlan membership

Hi friends,

I have a problem.One 2950 switch is connected to A dlink( unmanaged & no trunk port available) switch and two vlans to be sent to that switch.

Behind Dlink switch I have pcs from two different vlans.

L3 of these vlans are there in a 3550 switch which is connected to 2950.

Now ,

1.I can not configure 2950-dlink as trunk as dlink do not have trunk ports.

2.Is there any way to Assign two vlans to a single port? - no VMPS available in network.

Please suggest.


Re: multiple vlan membership

You'll have to replace the DLink switch.

Hope that helps.

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Re: multiple vlan membership

1. I doubt the Dlink supports VLAN's at all.

2. No, only trunk ports can be members of multiple VLAN's. (Trunk ports are members of every VLAN. Access ports can only be members of a single VLAN.)

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Re: multiple vlan membership

thank u

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