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Multiple Vlans without Vlan aware devices

I have a Cisco SG200 26 Port Switch, 2 Cisco WAP4410N Access points, and a Vlan aware Router.

I have created 4 vlans. For the sake of this conversation lets call them

98 - Intel Vpro

99 - Management

100 - General

101 - Guest

The Access points are capable of doing Vlan tagging so I plan on having them tag a guest network as Vlan 101. That can get sent to the Vlan aware router and out. No problem.

I have some devices, or management pages that I don't want accessable from the general network. (Intel Vpro KVM, Remote Management Cards, AP Config Menues, Switch config menu...)

I need to be able to take a Vlan unaware device, plug it into port 1, and have it communicate with Vlan 98, 99 and 100. Any advice would be appriciated.

Cisco Employee

Multiple Vlans without Vlan aware devices

Hi Ben,

So basically each VLAN should have ip subnet assigned. So you will need to configure port 1 on your switch in VLAN corresponding to the subnet where "unawhare" device ip address belong.

Then you configure port to router as a trunk allowing all your VLANs.

On router side you build so called "router on a stick", with router interface split into sub-interfaces supporting dot1q trunking.

Some basic config can be seen here:

Then you will just need to assign your unawhare device with default gateway which is ip address of router on subinterfaces corresponding to VLAN that device is on (VLAN configured on port 1). SO now device will send all packets to this default GW and it will be able to route those to correct VLANs.

Please note that in order to these packets to come back other unawhare device should be connected similar way.


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