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Multiple VTP servers

Assume 2 switches are configured as VTP servers with same domain name. Switch #1 has vlan 10, 20 while switch #2 has vlan 30 and 40. When 2 switches connects in trunk mode will switch #1 update switch #2 vlan database or vice versa?

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Re: Multiple VTP servers


Depends on the revision number. Whichever switch has the higher VTP number will update the other.

If both have the same the first one that a change is made on will update the other. You probably don't want this though as some of the vlans woulb be wiped out. You would need to pick one of the switches and make sure that it has all the vlans you need on it.


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Re: Multiple VTP servers

Thanks for the quick reply. I noticed VTP revision stays at 0 and never changes. It'll be safe to start with VTP transparent mode first and then change to server or client mode accordingly.


Re: Multiple VTP servers

The quick dirty version, make changes on one switch, then remove Vlan config from the other and place in VTP mode client.

or to reset revision change the VTP domain. This will reset it.

Cisco docs say to have it in server mode make changes then put in other mode. Transparent just allows it to pass the info but not participate. If you wanted to make sure that all the vlans talk via the trunk then you will need to make sure you allow all vlans to talk

switch#>(config-int)switch mode trunk allow vlan all

I think this is the syntax could be off a little. you need to make sure you are on the trunk you want the vlans to be allowed on. This way you can use them both as a server if you wanted to keep them separate.

was that confusing enough? wow...sorry long day!

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