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Mysterious "packet loss" on catalyst 4948

Hi all, the situation is like this,

i'm station in Site A and is connected to Site B thru MPLS. So the connection is somehow like this.

Site_A_MonSrv -- (MPLS) -- Site_B_MPLS_Rtr -- C4948_DMZ_Switches -- Checkpoint UTM 3073 Firewalls - Internal LAN

my Monitoring server is running solarwind network performance monitor. We received ping packet loss alerts once in a while (intermittent issue) for our dmz switches, firewall interfaces and internal LAN.

the monitoring server is polling on the MPLS router internal interface which is same VLAN as the DMZ switches polled IP adddresses, then follow by firewall and internal LAN..

since when the problem occurs (packet loss), we received alerts for other network devices EXCEPT the MPLS router internal interface, im assuming the problem starts from the DMZ switches then. I have checked on the switches logs and interfaces counters that connect to the routers or firewalls, i do not see any drops or error.. so i really cant pin-point what's the root cause of problem.

Fyi, when this "packet loss" occurs, some of those highly sensitive apps used by Site B users get disconnected and require re-connection. As these problems normally resolved in few seconds,... most apps are self-recovered.

therefore i have a perception that the dmz switches just like hang for maybe 1-2 seconds that results the packet losses.. but since its hang state, it did not record any losses...

did anyone face such similar issue? i'm running 12.2(31)SGA4. i've logged a case before to CISCO, but they says everything is functioning normal.

By the way, for C4848, is the CPU constantly running above 33 below 48% consider normal???

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