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N3K Port Channel Flapping

Hello Everyone ,

I have an odd question in that I have a pair of Nexus 3548 switches connected together via L2 Port Channel with two ports on each switch participating at 10GB

resulting in a 20GB aggreation point.

I also have a vendor attached pair of 3560x switches via access ports on the same N3K's. This a blind vendor solution for email archiving and I have no eyes into their config other than they have their ports configured as access.

When I have all ports connected we can see links on the portchannel ports and the 3560X switch all flap.

We are not seeing anything in the logs to show any SPT erros nor has any of the default RSTP config been alter on either end.

as a goof I removed the port channel config from my ports and the whole environment stabililzed.

Has anyone had a similar experience and if so what was the cause and fix?  



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