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N5K to FEX B22HP, not receiving any LACP BPDUs


I've googled my problem, but haven't found the soultion. The case is:

I've got 2 N5K connected in vPC, and from each of the N5K's I have 10gig's links to 2xB22HP fex'es in a HP bladechassis.

One bladeserver is connected with LACP to each of the B22HP fex'es, and the one B22HP fex is connected to each of the N5K's with LACP.

Suddenly the N5K started to log the message:

%LACP-FEX107-5-LACP_SUSPEND_INDIVIDUAL: LACP port Ethernet107/1/9(0x1f6a0200) of port-channel port-channel1088(0x1600043f) not receiving any LACP BPDUs suspending (individual) port

We shut down the interface Eth1/7, from N5K til B22HP, on both of the N5K since the bladeserver also is connected to Eth108/1/9, it works fine. But now it's no redundancy due to the shutdown of one of the bladeswitches (B22HP).

The bladeservers is running Vmware 5.1, and the config has not been changed due to "summerfreeze" periode.

The switchconfig is the same on ports working fine, as the config of ports 107/1/1-16 (the FEX ports that reports the missing BPDU's).

The N5K is running NXOS 6.0(2)N2(2).

Anyone have any ideas to what could be causing the problem?




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