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N7K-F312FQ-25, Not FEX fabric capable?

Dear all,

Anyone struggled with the same problem:

According the specs the F3 line card should support FEX 2000 (in our case: NX2248PQ and NX2238TP)

While configuring an interface with "SWITCH MODE FEX-FABRIC", the system complains with:

DC1(config-if)# switchport mode fex-fabric
ERROR: Ethernet4/10: Configuration does not match the port capability.

Seems like the only interface on the F3 linecard that is able to support FEX fabric, is the BREAK-OUTed interface (4x 10GE) on a F3 interface.



Kind regards, Wim

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NX2238TP)You mean 2232?That


You mean 2232?

That is correct.  You need the Break-out cable to go from 40 to 10. Neither 2248 or 2232 support 40Gig

I use Panduit cable and they are pretty good:


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Hi Reza,thanks for your

Hi Reza,

thanks for your feedback.

concerning fex I meant 2248TP, those are indeed connected using breakout cable from: N7K QSFP 40GE -> FEX 2248TP 4x 10GE.

But how to connect a 2248PQ, which has 4x 40GE as uplink to the N7K ? To do so, I need 4x 40GE interfaces at N7k running in FEX FABRIC switch mode.

The N7K is always complaining about port capability when I try to put an interface of the F3 linecard in fex mode.

The N7K is running 6.2(8)

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Hi,Thanks for clarifying, now


Thanks for clarifying, now I understand the issue here. I have never worked with the 40Gig interfaces for the 7000 series (only 6000 series)

Can you try adding this command before the FEX fabric command and test again?  If not, I would open a ticket with Cisco to resolve this.


fabric-mode 40g

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