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NAT Overload on cisco 877

I have a cisco 877 used for remote access to customers network using ip outside on Vlan1 and ip nat inside on Dialer1. i need to make all packets leaving the router look like there are coming from VLAN 1, but i am having some troulbe in making this happen any one any ideas ?????


Re: NAT Overload on cisco 877

I'm a little lost as to how your topology is. Normally, your dialer1 is going to have "ip nat outside" and vlan1 would have "ip nat inside." You have it reversed. How are you getting an address to dialer1? Are you actually dialing into an ISP?


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Re: NAT Overload on cisco 877

Hi john,

we use our own IP Stream network "we are the ISP" to connect to customers networks so the next hop from our network is dialer1 as this logs in to our Radius platform/network we will then give it a fixed ip to Dialer1. VLAN1 is also connected to the customers network so as you can see the router config needs to be in reverse. we need to NAT any of our address behind the vlan1 address so the customers network thinks all packets are coming from vlan1 and they do not se any of our address.

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