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New Member

NAT/PAT using outside-ip on inside net

Hi Experts,

I am running a simple local net > (831) > (cable) ISP

DHCP(client), DDNS, NAT inside, FW and ACL (for the current needs) and NTP runs smoothly.


831 et0:

et1: dhcp-ip (from ISP)

But there is one ugly problem I am struggeling with:

In my private network there are several Web- and other servers

that are accessible from outside w/o any problem.

When I try to access one of the internal devices (example: Webserver on

from an internal client ( using the webservers nat/patted outside adress

(http://dhcp-ip:1080) this request will run into nirvana.

http://dhcp-ip:1080 from an outside client will be nat/patted to the correct internal


I have performed some experiments with "ip nat outside", "route-map" and "NVI" but I am lost a little bit.


Request from local client to http://DHCP-ip:1080 should

route to

..this is basically the same functionality compared to

calling http://DHCP-ip:1080 from an outside client.

Please enlight me :)


config as attachment


I have tried already the following


interface Ethernet0

<same as above>

ip policy route-map NBG01_1080


access-list 150 deny tcp host eq 1080 any eq 1080 log-input

access-list 151 permit tcp host eq 1080 any eq 1080 log-input


route-map NBG01_1080 permit 10

match ip address 150

set ip next-hop


route-map NBG01_1080 permit 20

set interface Ethernet1



which should(!) deny every tcp packet port 1080 on et0 accept from (acl 150) and

route-map this to

This does not work (acl 150 shows correct denies in the log (while

accessing "http://DHCP-ip:1080" from an inside client); but the "next-hop"

seems not to work.

Anyway this is a suboptimal solution because it triggers on port 1080 to

every target from internal which might cause problems in the future.

In addition I tried "ip nat pool.." but I have a litte lack of insight here ;))

Addn: no, changing DNS entries on the local clients will not help, because ther e are several ports PATed.

Best regards, Stephan

New Member

Re: NAT/PAT using outside-ip on inside net

If you did have an internal DNS server, you would then be able to call that server DHCP-IP by name and on the inside it would resolve correctly right? Can you connect to If so then that should solve the problem.

New Member

Re: NAT/PAT using outside-ip on inside net

Hi cdusio.

yes, I do have an internal DNS, but I have many internal systems as well.

So having in my DNS DHCP-IP-HOSTNAME

will solve this problem for this box

(because is then the same as

DHCP-IP-HOSTNAME:1080) but not solve the problem for other webservers/servers

This all should as transparent as from outside....

thnx, Stephan

New Member

Re: NAT/PAT using outside-ip on inside net

updated: config.text

New Member

Re: NAT/PAT using outside-ip on inside net

I have a question about your config, if you would be so kind as to help me. I have an 831 that I am trying to get up and running on my small lan that is similar to yours. one the wan side i have a cable modem, attached to e1. On the other side I have a 2900 switch that I am trying to attach to e0, the problem is that, I dont know where to plug my switch into. I see that you are successfully using e0 based on this section of your config:

interface Ethernet0

description $FW_INSIDE$$ETH-LAN$

ip address

ip access-group 100 in

ip nat inside

ip virtual-reassembly

E1 is easily marked on this router but, the E0 side seems to be a 4 port switch. I can assign E1 an interface yet, when I plug my switch into this router, I do not get a link.

Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thank You!

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