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NAT Question

I have two private networks that touch at a NAT router:

I have a workstation with an IP address of that needs to access the server resources on IP address For security reasons, we want to use NAT to perform this (with ACLs).

Without having to change any route entries on the Windows workstation (basically point the application to a NAT 192.168.16.x), what would the configuration look like on the Cisco router? (as far as "ip nat ..." commands are concerned).


Re: NAT Question

i will consider that u want NAT the communications between the workstation and the server only as mentioned above

lets say u will give the server with this static nat na ip address of

ip nat inside source static

interface fa0/0

description the interface connnected to the servver side

ip nat inside

interface fa0/1

description interface connected to clients

ip nat outside

and now from the client side u can use the as the server address even u cam make ACLs to filter traffic to this IP

good luck

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