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NAT questions

Hi all

I'm trying to configure a Cisco 881 router IOS version 12.4(24)T3 with dynamic nat.

ip nat inside source list 20 pool NAT_Maschinen

ip nat pool NAT_Maschinen netmask type match-host

access-list 20 deny host

access-list 20 permit

According to cisco command reference there are other options available to use with "ip nat pool", too (e.g. "add-route", "nopreservation").  But a command like

ip nat pool NAT_Maschinen netmask type match-host add-route

gets me an error in CLI.  Am I doing something wrong or can't those options be used together?

Next to that, command "ip nat inside source" does have an option "reversible".  What exacly is this option doing? Does it mean that I could access an inside local ip from outside using th inside global address without having a nat already (created by traffic from inside to outside).  At least when using the option "type match-host" in the "ip nat pool" command?

Thans for your reply


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