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NAT translation help.

Recently passed the CCENT but have yet to be able to nail down the CCNA.  The big problem I have is NAT.  Now I have a NAT issue that I need assistance with.

A little background, I work for an MSP who recently took over an account where there was a less than amicable split between the previoud IT director and the company.  The entire network is somewhat messy, and I am working my way though figuring it out.

I was wondering if you might be able to help me quickly with a NAT translation.  The customer has a 5 pack of IP addresses from Charter Communications.  The Charter router is plugged into the asa 5505, as well as it runs through the wall into I believe one of the switches.  I am trying to put in a static nat translation for a server at  I want to use one of the publics from the Charter 5 pack,  I used  (ip nat inside source static on the front end Cisco 2921 router at ccc.ccc.ccc.ccc.  Where I am confused is that this router doesn't have any of the 5 Charter addresses assigned to it, it has a public ip assigned by one of their other ISPs.  I can ping the Charter gateway fine from this router.  I was curious if I am able to use the ip nat outside command on that interface with the public from the other ISP and the ip nat inside on the interface I believe is going to the same switch, or if I have to find where the Charter box is actually plugged into, the ASA or the switch that it is plugged into, and assign the NAT commands on that device? 


NAT translation help.

What version of IOS are you running on the ASA? Post "show ver" and it will be easier to help....


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