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NAT, VPN and computer with a Public IP connected to the same router...

Hi everybody,

I have a question, maybe even 2. With a C2620 router configured like in attached file for a VPN server, NAT on it and FrameRelay as outside connection which works fine - meaning VPN client can connect, it gets the IP and web browsing, access to resources etc is good, I cannot ping out or do a traceroute when connected through VPN and not sure why (of course the same time i can ping/traceroute www pages from ssh on router).

Second thing is - I have one computer with a linux on it that I want to have configured with a static public IP (80.51.x.125), its subnet would be x.124/30 with the second IP from subnet setup as a gateway on its TCP/IP properties and it is same time setup as a secondary IP address of ETH0/0 (80.51.x.126) on router. How can I make this work? is it about routing or NAT configuration?

Thanks much in advance! Waiting for suggestions!

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Re: NAT, VPN and computer with a Public IP connected to the same

I think you have to do routing configuration. Because router connected to the same switch to allow for internet access. Also you can do like that : If you have a router device connected to an ISP, it may be configured for IP packet filtering and network address translation (NAT). Make sure that the device is allowing VPN connections and that NAT is mapping all routes to the external network adapter of the RRAS server.

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