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native vlan connectivity

I was troubleshooting a scenario where a switch with an access port connected to another device which has a built in switch, but the switch in that device is not configured with an access port at all, no vlan configuration is done, just the native vlan is there. 

is that OK ? would the built in switch in this case act as a hub and work fine, or would it just use its native for it's connectivity to the switch (even though no access port configuration done under the port that connect to the switch)

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Hi,Assuming everything is in


Assuming everything is in access port (which is by default for L2 switches) and no trunk enabled between the switches, it should work. But be aware if you are going with multiple connections, it  might result in looping.



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4everlearning is busy with

4everlearning is busy with other tasks and forgot this thread... 

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Yes, It will work. As there



It will work. As there is no vlan being passed, the other switch will forward the traffic with same vlan information ( or may be the native vlan - in your case).

As the other switch is not configured  - it may not have STP enable ( Donno whether supports), it may lead to loops if cabled incorrectly and bring the network to drops/ down.




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Are you having a specific

Are you having a specific issue that is causing you to ask this question?

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4everlearning, can you

4everlearning, can you specify the make/model of the switches and also any configuration of the existing ports?

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4everlearining...... by

4everlearining...... by default cisco L2 switch will work STP & all the ports will be in vlan 1 .

so it will be work.

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