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native vlan on 4006`

how do I remove the following command on a WS-x4013? I want to remove the "native" vlan.

set vlan 60 1/2


Re: native vlan on 4006`

It has to be set to something , the default is vlan 1 , set vlan 1 1/2 .

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Re: native vlan on 4006`

thanks for the info. That's too bad the code doesn't allow the removal of a native vlan.

Re: native vlan on 4006`

What do you mean by that code doesnot allow you the removal of native vlan. Do you want to tag all the vlan or you want to remove the vlan over the trunk.

You can set any vlan to a native vlan that you want. For example if you want vlan20 to be as your native vlan you to do add that vlan to the port and then enable trunking on that. This vlan will become your native vlan on that trunk interface. Forexample:

set vlan 20 2/3

set trunk 2/3 on dot1q


-amit singh

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Re: native vlan on 4006`

All ports must participate in a VLAN. By default, VLAN1 is active and all ports belong to it. When you configure multiple VLANs on a switch, you have the option to change VLAN membership per ports or leave the ports on their default VLAN (VLAN1).

When you trunk ports, you also have the option to change your native VLAN (note, interconnected ports must match native vlans and native vlan must exist on both switches). You can also leave the native VLAN to 1 (default) and this is a safe approach since all switches must have VLAN1 and you won't encounter 'native vlan mismatch/invalid' at the other end.

On the CATOS, this whole configuration is displayed with commands such as

set vlan 1 1/1-2

while in Native IOS, you don't see the VLAN assignment in the config for VLAN1 unless you type 'show vlan'


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