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NEC ip phone with cisco 3650 POE


Can some one help me please ?


I have NEC ip phones that i need to move them from HP to cisco switches.


I have created two vlans , one for the data and one for the voice . the problem is when i connect the phone to the port, it get an ip from the data vlan .


I've tried many things but i could not get the problem solved, i have tried the following 

1- interface GigabitEthernet0/12
    switchport voice vlan 2
    spanning-tree portfast

2- interface GigabitEthernet0/12
    switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
    switchport mode trunk

 Change from CDL to LLDP


Nothing seems to be work


with everything i tried, the phone keep getting ip from the data vlan not the voice.


Both DHCP scopes are configured on the switch (for testing)




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Hi Khaled,I have a same

Hi Khaled,

I have a same problem now. if you solved this problem, would you tell me how you solved?

I use access vlan istedad of voice vlan as workaround now.


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Hi Mitsou,If the phones have

Hi Mitsou,

If the phones have been registered in a previous setup it will not pick a new ip , you have to delete the configs on the phones flash and reconnect them again to the switch.

I hope this help.



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Hi Khaled,Thank you for your

Hi Khaled,

Thank you for your kindly reply.

at that time, did you use access VLAN or voice VLAN?


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Hi,Voice vlan and LLDP enable


Voice vlan and LLDP enable .


Hope this help


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would you tell me how did you

would you tell me how did you use voice VLAN?

in my case, I configured PoE switch below, but voice VLAN didnn't work...


interface GigabitEthernet0/2
switchport voice vlan 518


but IP phone works when I set "access vlan 518"...

I couldn't understand because I couldn't set voice vlan in IP Phone...

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on the global config mode sw1

on the global config mode 

sw1(config)# lldp run

NEC phone don't understand cdp so the switch will not found a phone unless you enable the lldp .

after that you can check if the phone has been detected by issuing 

# show lldp neighbour

now it it should work with voice vlan command



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I will try it! thank you so

I will try it! thank you so much



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