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Need advise please on Redundant Layer 3 3750X switches


Please advise if possible. I am planning on buying two 3750X to replace our 10 year old 3750G. (3750G are stacked now on 8th floor and one serves as a manual backup , not redundant). The situation I have been in is when 3750 goes down it takes down with it all devices on the network until I manually switch to the other one 3750G in stack) !! It was actually designed for us by Cisco reseller and we have been leaving by it since 2006 or 2007.

Now I want to take the two new 3750X and install one on 8th floor and one on first floor (400 feet fiber run)and link them up with 10GB uplink (two uplinks).Then I want to take my remaining layer 2 switches ( 7 2960S-Over 300 plus devices) spread over first/third/8th floor and trunk them to each 3750X (One possibly two links to each 3750X). Would that design even work . If one 3750X goes down I still have full connectivity from the other 3750X. Should both 3750X have same exact configuration please .Is that even possible to do or I need to look at other options please. Thank you in advance.

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