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Need Help with ASA 5505

Recently received an ASA 5505 router. It was used at another location. All that I got back besides the router is the yellow network cable. I saw that this also came with a console cable that I do not have and I saw that the reset button does not work on this router, so I was wondering how can I access the CLI or reset the router to default values?


Re: Need Help with ASA 5505


To get console access to the ASA is exactly the same as accesing via a console a router.

You connect the console cable to the console port and then with a machine open a terminal program like hyperterminal and using the default settings you should be able to enter the CLI.

Have you tried this already?


New Member

Re: Need Help with ASA 5505

I do not have the blue console cable that came with the unit. All I have is the yellow network cables that came with the unit.

Re: Need Help with ASA 5505

You don't know what IP address the ASA has? (since you mentioned that is already configured).

If you know the IP, you can log in using the network cable via telnet or SSH (if configured).

If you don't know the IP address of any interface on the ASA, you can try connecting a computer and attempting to receive an IP via DHCP (if configured).

However, if you don't know the IP address of the ASA, I think the easiest way is to get a console cable.


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