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Need help with core and border design for Web Hosting company please..


I have started in this company for 4 days now and have been given a task that has already been started by two other engineers but they had left due to some issues and now I have been brought/hired and been given this project. I don't have any background on this and no documentation was left after the two engineers had left!

I have attached a drawing that shows what needs to be done and I have no idea of where to start? this is web hosting company.

from what i have gathered, it seems that they use EIGRP as IGP and BGP at the border with two OC3s connecting them to the outside world (Private VLANS also been used for some customers).

Now, They have purchased a Dark fiber ring to connect them to their datacenter using the provider's network as transit. the equipment have changed to accomodate for two new Ethernet- gigi WAN links to get them to their dtacenter - basically connecting them to their upstream provider and BGP will be used. they still want to use EIGRP between the two core 6506 switches (RJ-21)! and BGP on the two Cisco 6509 Switch/Routers.

thats all I know and the time is very short. they are expecting me to follow the same dates that were previously planned and I have to come upto speed with this prgect. this dark Fiber is basically a ring.

Please see the diagram that shows the old or current and the new/Planned infrastrutures. I have not worked with switches/routers with RJ-21 connectors on blades and have no idea of Private VLANs. I have done VLANs a lot of time, L2 and L3 but not private vlans.

I am lost and need help please. I can use all the help that you possibliy can extend to me and I am greatful for that.

I am going to post this in the WAN Routing and Switching Section as well and forgive me if this isn't right!




Re: Need help with core and border design for Web Hosting compan

As per your network scenario you can design your network with the help of below link means it describes the BGP Configuration, Redistribution, BGP attribute and all those stuff with the configuration and BGP case studies.

The following URLs will help you:

New Member

Re: Need help with core and border design for Web Hosting compan


Thanks for responding. I have already taken care of the routing BGP and EIGRP but, I do have a problem with PVLANs and wondering if you can help?

two 6506 both have MSFC

two 6509 only L2 so no MSFC

I create VLAN interface on the 6506 and PVLANS on the 6509

how should I do the routing between the?

also, when all customers are moved from our current 5500 over onto the 6509, I will need to create an ISL trunk so that they go out through 5500 an dth wan link until the new links are up.

currently these customer's server ae on the old 5500 but will move to 6509 after this design but since the wan link isn't ready we want them to go out using the 5500 that they are currently residing but no longer after PVLAs are created and they are moved.

now, I need to know how to route as stated above and how to ccreate the ISLl trunk to hav ethese customer's server go over to 5500 and out using he old wan link?