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New Member

Need help with Internet Design

Hello Experts,

I want the achieve the following setup

ASA in between the router and everything else. Terminate VPN connections here.

TMG ( Microsoft Threat Management Gateway) Proxy server behind the ASA with one NIC in the outside network and one NIC to your inside network.  The 3560 goes behind the TMG server.

Use the ASA to control inbound traffic and NATing to the allowed internal servers.  TMG server to control outbound Internet access,

I want to use TMG as transparent proxy and if the TMG goes down the outbount internet traffic will be routed to Cisco ASA

How do I achieve the line mentioned in bold ?

I would highly appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance

New Member

Need help with Internet Design

Any help please

Need help with Internet Design

You question relates on how to get the TMG to act as a transparent proxy, perhaps it would be better on a TMG forum?

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