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Need "beginner guide": dual 3750 lan over Motorola Canopy system

Greetings all! Soon we are going to get 2 new 3750-48PS switches in and I have never dealt with Cisco switches. I'm pretty well-versed with home networks but never anything business class.

Here's the basic design:

Our company has two sites located about 5-6 miles apart, and we are going to use a Motorola Canopy wireless system to essentially "network" them together. There is one RJ45-terminated Cat 5E cable coming from a satellite type of device that will act as the input/uplink.

"Site 1" will have one 3750 switch, and the business DSL line to get outside. "Site 2" we want to network together with Site1 so they are on a LAN together but share the same DSL line for going outside. The wireless connection between the two sites is a dedicated 20 Mbps "microwave" connection.

Site1 devices:

16 Nortel IP phones

1 Nortel BCM (IP phone "server", if you will)

2 Application/database servers (these will only primarily be used by personnel actually on Site1)

10 PCs

4 network printers

Again the DSL connection line is coming in to Site1.


10 Nortel IP phones

3 PCs

5-10 POS units (need outside access for Credit charges)

24 arcade games (these games have some kind of network module on them where they connect together for some reason.. don't understand all the specifics here)

The IP phones at Site2 will need to connect to the Nortel BCM server at Site1. And again, Site1 has the DSL internet service, and the PCs, POS units, and arcade games at Site2 will need to use this DSL on an occasional basis.

I've been told that we will want to probably put all of the IP phones into their own seperate VLAN, and use QoS to give bandwidth priority to the phone VLAN.

I'm still very unclear on exactly how all of this will work together. Do we run the cable from the Motorola Wireless access point at Site1 into just a normal port on the switch, or a special port? Also, how should this port be configured? Again keeping in mind that both sites need to feel like "one big network" where you can ping the ip address of any device from either site.

Also exactly how should you set up VLANs to take care of the bandwidth priority?

What would be nice is if there were some kind of "beginner's guide" to get started on learning how to network together the Cisco switches (what specifically you have to do, line by line), as well as going into things like VLAN Howto's, etc. Can anyone please steer me in the right direction??

Thank you very much for any time or help you give to this matter!


Re: Need "beginner guide": dual 3750 lan over Motorola Canopy sy

You can configure Seperate vlans for each type of traffic and proritize trafiic based on VLANs configured.Refer URL for more information on QoS refer URL and also URL for inter - vlan communication.

You could connect access point on normal ethernet port of the switch if no vlans are configured and but connect to trunk port of the switch.


Re: Need "beginner guide": dual 3750 lan over Motorola Canopy sy

Here is somthing about Canopy and Cisco gear:

The link doen't paste well. Here is the content of the link:

Re: [Bridge] bridge - canopy - cisco catalyst 2950

Melissa Meyer

Mon, 13 Nov 2006 15:08:46 -0800

Did you get an answer to this?

I had a similar experience. To fix, I had to turn off spanning tree on

the cisco switch connected to the bridges as well as turn on dot1q

trunking on the ports on the switch the bridges used.

So the cisco config for my bridge ports:

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport mode trunk

switchport nonegotiate

For the other ports on the switch, the switchport mode was set to access.

Hope this helps.

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