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Need suggestions for IPv6 LAN

Hi all,

I have been tasked with implementing IPv6 on our network. I will try to explain the layout of our current network and also explain what is needed.

At the core layer is a Cisco 6506 L3 switch with MSFC2 module. It is IT controlled, which means I do not have access to it. At the distribution layer are a number of Cisco 6509's, two for each VLAN. Again, they are IT controlled and I have no access to them. At the access layer, we have our Cisco 6509 L2 switches. They are L2 switches only; no MSFC2 module. They are running CatOS 8.5.5 with SUP2 module.

Our building has 5 floors. On each floor are two labs and offices. Each pair of labs is on its own VLAN. 2nd and 3rd floor offices on a VLAN and 4th and 5th floor offices on another VLAN. We also have a production lab that is on its own VLAN.

What I need to do is provide end to end IPv6 connectivity for each lab and also the offices. We have NO IT support for this. Not yet, anyways. It is not even on their roadmap. This building is full of engineers and developers that write software and they need to support IPv6 in their software because we do support the US Gov't.

What I have done thus far - I have one central IPv6 router (Dell 2950 running RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 using 6to4 tunneling) that is the endpoint for each lab router (Dell 2850 or 2950 running RHEL4 or RHEL5). In each lab is another Linux box that is the other endpoint. I am using 6to4 tunneling to create a tunnel to each VLAN from the central router. I also have a Linux workstation in the office VLAN to support at least some of the offices.

This was very easy to setup and is easy to maintain. Only about 1/2 dozen commands are required to set this up, minus DNSv6 setup.

What I would like to do, and this is where I need a little help, is replace the servers with Cisco routers. I attempted to use Cisco 3560 or 3750 L3 switches but they do not support 6to4 tunneling. Well, they support it, but they can't be endpoints in the tunnel. I was thinking of using Cisco 2821 or 2851 routers because they have GbE interfaces on them. I could use one as the core router and place one in each VLAN to support the machines in those VLANs. I do not want to segment our network any further, but for example, the Linux boxes I am using just sit on the network and respond to any IPv6 queries and tunnel the traffic to whatever VLAN it needs to get to.

I am a little unclear, but as far as I can tell, almost any Cisco router can support 6to4 tunneling, at least in the manner I need it to work. I chose the 2821's simply because they are relatively cheap.

Has anyone here done something along the lines of what I have proposed and have some real-world experience they can share with me?




Re: Need suggestions for IPv6 LAN

migration from IPv4 networks to IPv6 networks, and the coexistence of both IPv4 and IPv6 in many networks, will require careful and thoughtful planning to prevent disruption of network services I think 2821 not support IPv6 Hardware Forwarding Assistance. But it support IPv6 software forwarding features so you can use it.

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