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Need to configure three SG300-10's for VLANs

I work for a TV station and we're about to deploy some gear at our transmitter sites to receive our signal via a private WAN over fiber.  I have three SG300's that I need to configure for VLAN because we only have one port available on the fiber switch (or we have to pay even more money).  We have QinQ capabilities with the WAN.  See attached piece of expertly created artwork for a visual guide of what I'm trying to accomplish:

The primary goal is to link everything to our 192.168.1.x network.  The streaming units have two ports, a control port and a streaming port.  The control port has a 192.168.1.x address, while the streaming port is configured for multicasting.  I'll need to be able to access the control ports on each unit for configuring, monitoring, etc. from the main network.  I can't plug the streaming port into the network switches the rest of the network is on, because they're cheap D-Link switches and folded like a cheap tent.  That would have been too easy.  So I need to isolate the two networks, which is easy enough, but there's a catch.  We only have one available port on the fiber switch provided to us by Charter.  So what I want to do is create VLANs for the control and multicast segments, output them all through one cable to the Charter switch, then use the SG300's at each site to divide it out and output each VLAN through different ports.


From the station side (transmitting) of it should look something like this:  GE1 is connected to the D-Link switches to gain access to the main network.  GE2 is connected to the transmitting 7880's streaming port for multicasting, broadcasting to  For simplicity sake I was going to assign GE10 as the main "output" to feed into the Charter switch.  The SG300 is in Layer 3 mode.  I have some of it configured already but I'm at a loss as to how to get GE1 and GE2 assigned as VLANs and everything routing out to GE10.  GE10 IS currently setup to trunk both VLAN2 and VLAN3.  So I'm partially there.  Alternately if I could somehow just get VLAN1 to play nice with everything, that'd be great.


At the receiving ends, the output from the Charter switch should run into say GE10 on the receiving SG300's, where VLAN2 is directed out GE1 and VLAN3 is directed out GE2.  This isn't a very big complicated network, so there's not a lot of equipment needing access. 


As I mentioned above we do have QinQ service with the WAN, so we should be able to connect everything up on the same network without too much hassle.  Any help with configuring this would be greatly appreciated! 



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