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Neflow for CatOs 5505

Any idea on how to configure netflow in a catalys 5505 with catos I use the cisco guide but is does not send data to netflow application.

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Re: Neflow for CatOs 5505

I don't think NetFlow is supported under the old Cisco Catalyst 5505. Can you please tell us the guide that says so?



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Re: Neflow for CatOs 5505

Hello Alejandro,

I did it on C6500 CatOS.

You need to configure Multi layer switching and to export data from the NFFC to the external collector.

Configuring it on the routing card is not effecitve

see the section called NDE

set mls nde enable

Hope to help


Re: Neflow for CatOs 5505

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Re: Neflow for CatOs 5505

Hello Alejandro,

verify if the current c5505 supervisor, routing engine and other cards support MLS because there are some chassis that cannot and I think they cannot perform netflow accounting too

for example the following device cannot perform MLS

SW-TO-GMB-E-1> (enable) sh module

Mod Slot Ports Module-Type Model Sub Status

--- ---- ----- ------------------------- ------------------- --- --------

1 1 2 1000BaseSX Supervisor WS-X5530 yes ok

3 3 1 Route Switch WS-X5302 no ok

4 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ext WS-X5410

5 5 9 Gigabit Ethernet WS-X5410 no ok

6 6 24 10/100BaseTX Ethernet WS-X5225R no ok

7 7 12 100BaseFX MM Ethernet WS-X5201R no ok

Mod Module-Name Serial-Num

--- ------------------- --------------------

1 00015440975

3 00029751064

4 00028992040

5 00028992040

6 00014057690

7 00014355500

Mod MAC-Address(es) Hw Fw Sw

--- -------------------------------------- ------ ---------- -----------------

1 00-30-f2-ba-c0-00 to 00-30-f2-ba-c3-ff 3.3 5.1(2) 5.5(19)

3 00-e0-1e-39-a1-e4 to 00-e0-1e-39-a1-e5 7.7 20.22 12.1(21)

5 00-10-7b-29-12-9c to 00-10-7b-29-12-a7 1.3 4.2(5) 5.1(1)

6 00-d0-06-a1-01-38 to 00-d0-06-a1-01-4f 3.3 4.3(1) 5.5(19)

7 00-60-83-fa-58-9c to 00-60-83-fa-58-a7 3.1 4.3(1) 5.5(19)

Mod Sub-Type Sub-Model Sub-Serial Sub-Hw

--- -------- --------- ---------- ------

1 NFFC II WS-F5531 0014448283 2.0

1 uplink WS-U5534 0014454366 1.1

SW-TO-GMB-E-1> (enable)

Hope to help



Re: Neflow for CatOs 5505

Hello Giuseppe,

could you send some command how to check if supervisor and/or line card supports MLS?

Kind regards,



Re: Neflow for CatOs 5505

If you have a supervisor II card with a nffc card and a RSM it supports mls . MLS has to be configured though on the box in order to utilize the fast switching functions of mls. We used 5500's with mls running for years as our distibution routers. To configure mls go here . To configure netflow on the 5500 go here , . I believe you have to have mls configured on the 5500 for netflow to work correctly. If you do a "show mls entry" and there is nothing in the table then it is not configured. MLS switching greatly speeds up data transfer on a 5500 otherwise anything that has to be routed has to go up and hit the RSM cpu where as if mls is configured the first packet hits the cpu and everything else in that flow is then hardware switched at the layer 2 level which is much faster.

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