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Netflow on Cat 4510R+E with IOS-XE

I am trying to figure out the Flexible Net-flow on Cat 4510R+E Switch running IOS-XE code. My Neflow flow software is manageengine 7.X. I am able to see the netflow interfaces but the traffic itself is not displayed. On the Switch I can see the netflow exporter statistics counter being incremented thereby confirming as being exported.

Could anyone help me out on this ?


Netflow on Cat 4510R+E with IOS-XE


Are you using the netflow-original record or have you  created a custom flow record? For a custom record, ensure all necessary  data fields have been added. A sample config for a custom record is as  below:

cisco_281(config)#flow record ManageEngineRec

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#match ipv4 source address

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#match ipv4 destination address

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#match transport source-port

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#match transport destination-port

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#match interface input

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#match ipv4 protocol

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#match ipv4 tos

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#match ipv4 dscp

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#match  application name   

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#collect routing source as

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#collect routing destination as

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#collect routing next-hop address ipv4

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#collect transport tcp flags

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#collect counter bytes

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#collect counter packets

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#collect timestamp sys-uptime first

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#collect timestamp sys-uptime last

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#collect interface output

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#collect flow direction

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#collect ipv4 id

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#collect ipv4 source mask

cisco_281(config-flow-record)#collect ipv4 destination mask

If this does not work, please try with the "netflow-original" record.  You can see the  config example under the sample config section in the  below blog (though it is for Nexus, the flow record, exporter and  monitor part should work)

If that too fails, support team at ManageEngine ( should be able to help.


Don Thomas Jacob

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Netflow on Cat 4510R+E with IOS-XE


I hope Don's suggestion helps. 

If you can't get it working, send me a packet capture and I'll run it through Scrutinizer NetFlow Analyzer to see if i can figure it out. 


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