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Network 101 Routing of Networks

Here is my situation and this doesnt seem possible without having to re-address several things.

I have addressed a new network which is going to be hosted at a remote location these are the networks below that exist at that site

My local network here has different addressing (was set up proior)

For all practical purposes this works fine however I was recently tasked to move some of the remote network here and have some of the remote network at the remote location during the migration (the logic which i think is not practicle I dont want any downtime while we transition this new network to remote location) is the issues I have been running into.  I chose /24's because it allowed for future growth and its easy to route these networks what I have is a Virtual Environment that uses a SAN. 

Question: How can I allow some from, or on my local network and still have the same addresses and GW's the other site and allow the servers to talk? 

Network 1 ------> GW> GW> GW

Network 2 -----> GW

I have added Vlans on one of the switches on the local network to accomodate the remote networks IP's eg eg.. I think the only way this is going to work is to create a routed port on the Switch > connect to firewall and add the static routes from the firewall pointing to the routed interface on the switch. This is the only thing I have yet to try.

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Network 101 Routing of Networks


How are you connecting the two sites?  Are you using dynamic or static routing at each site?

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