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Network Assistant With 2960X

We are trying to configure some 2960X switches using Network Assistant (latest version), but it says the switch is an unsupported device. The 2960X datasheet says that it can be managed with CNA, so I don't understand why this isn't the case.

There is even a link to CNA from the switch's web interface, so it must be possible somehow.

Any suggestions?

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Network Assistant With 2960X

so it must be possible somehow.

2960X is a brand-new hardware and it's not yet covered by CNA.

Your best bet is to configure using CLI.  It would take months (maybe a year) before a new CNA will be release that would support 2960X.

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Maybe 4 years?

Maybe 4 years?

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Not sure.  Look at the

Not sure.  Look at the Release Notes of the latest versions of CNA and there should be a list of supported appliances.  

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It's my hope that you

It's my hope that you eventually got this resolved as I did. The problem is that the link included in the 2960x web interface takes you to an incredibly outdated version of the CNA, something like 5.3, which doesn't support it. Search cisco for the most recent version, as of this posting that's 6.2. It supports the 2960x line and the 2960+ line which my organization has.

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