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Network clocking for T1 FR circuit...!

Hi Gurus,

I have a T1 FR circuit between my core router and a remote router. Do I need to configure "network-clock-participation wic 1" global configuration command for proper functioning of FR-T1 circuit? Moreover, what is the differance among the effects of the commands "network-clock-participation wic 1 @ global conf mode", "clock source line primary @ T1 controller config mode" and "clockrate 64000 @ DCE of FR global conf mode"........?

Also, PLL is the primary and default source of network clock in routers, what is the significance of Network clock?


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Re: Network clocking for T1 FR circuit...!

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Re: Network clocking for T1 FR circuit...!

Thanks Edison,

The document is pretty informative.

But what I seek is what is the difference among these commands? When should we use what command? Moreover, what will happen if i configure my routers with network clock participate command while you say that the clocking will be provided by service provider Equipment. Kindly help remove my confusion.


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