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Network connectivity-6509

I have 2 vlans on cisco 6509 catalyst switch as follows:

IT Vlan: 10.10.14.X

Test Vlan: 10.10.29.X

I have conigured the interface for the test vlan and connected a Unix Server to it but the server is not reachable.

I connected windows pc to the same interface and it was reachale as well as pinging other hosts on the nework.

Then, I changed the vlan for the same interface to IT and connected Unix server and it was reachable. My FWSM in 6509 has the access rule configured to bypass bi directional traffce between the vlans.

Unix server is not reachable in test vlan, any advice?



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Re: Network connectivity-6509

Without seeing more of your config my first thought is, did you check to see if a firewall is blocking traffic on the unix host itself?

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Re: Network connectivity-6509

i have checked it, fiwewall is not blocking it. m still wondering wats happening in this scenario.

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Re: Network connectivity-6509

Well then, a few more questions...

Is there port security on the switch the unix host is plugged in to? If so, has it been cleared to allow the new MAC address of the unix host instead of the windows host?

When the unix host is on the network can it ping other items on the test vlan including the default gateway?

Have you enabled logging on the FWSM and verified packets are going through in both directions?

Does the unix host have the right default gateway and no weird routes installed that would deflect traffic away from the FWSM?

I ask about the host and other devices only because the FWSM isn't going to change its policy when the host changes. It just cares about IP addresses - obviously. :-)

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Re: Network connectivity-6509

thanks for your reply, i ll check it get back to you.


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