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Network Consolidation

Hello All,

I need some help consolidating two networks into one (Join Network B to Network A). After consolidation all that is needed for network B is internet access and access to a few servers located in Network A.

I have attached a diagram of the current layout… Let me know what you think.

Thanks - Donavan

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Re: Network Consolidation


Need one clarification. After the merging of two networks, how will be the connectivity between A & B? Is it through different ISP's?

If you are planning to retain the existing setup, you can have a Site to Site VPN tunnel from the PIX firewall in Site A and the 2821 in SIte B. Thats all, to get the expected results.

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Re: Network Consolidation

Sorry for not being clear enough. The equipment for both networks are located in the same building/server room. Basically the networks are currently managed individually...

After merging, all that is needed is one network with clients from the remote sites being able to access the internet and servers (located on network A) at the main office.....


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Re: Network Consolidation

Well the simplest thing is simply to connect the 2821 in site B to the 3560G in site A and that's it. As long as you have no overlapping addressing all you then need to do is

1) create a L3 routed P2P link between the 2821 and the 3560G and add a default route to the 2821

ip route <3560G end of L3 P2P>

2) Ensure that all network B subnets are included in the NAT/PAT setup on the ASA.

There is the potential to free up the 2821 by connecting the Metro E connection directly into the 3560G but be aware that the 3560 does not have the same level of QOS functionality as the 2821.


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