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network design and configuration

1.What kind of configuration would be done in core switch and server farm switch in order to attain redundancy and availability.

2. The servers in the farm would be dual homed , having both cards active.

3.How many VLANS should we make and how should we implement the same.

4.For your information the the edge router is 2800 series with HWIC-4ESW


5. the base stations would be connected to HWIC-4ESW and protocol

converters to on board Ethernet cards.

6. Users from the edge site would be assessing the servers in the core.

7.To summarize , we need to ascertain the kind of configurations needed to be done in the equipments to achieve the desired objective.

8.In the core area we have gone ahead with cisco 6500 switch comapared to 7600 series router.

9. to summarize i need to know what kind of configurations need to be done in order to achive the desired objective.

I am also sending the PPT and bill of quantity of the network for your understanding.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance

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