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Network Design Questions

Hi All,

I am new to network Design and would like to have guidance from the gurus.

The Lan i am designing consists of 500 people with 5 Floors.

I am planing to have each VLAN for each Floor.

On Core Catalyst 4506 is selected ( For redundancy). No distribution layer and Access layer consists of cisco 2950 and 2960 Switches.

Servers Vlan is planned to have a redundant connection to Core switches.

Attached below is the Network Diagram

Now i have some questions.

1. What technology i should use for the Redundancy ( GLBP, HSRP or VRRP).

2. I Want to use PVRSTP ?? is this have any effect on the Redundancy ( If i select GLBP).

2. Each server have direct connections with both ( for redundancy) catalyst 4506 switches and i am planing to use teaming option on the servers.

Can Some body give me some comments on my design and planing specially for load balancing and Spanning tree configuration.



Re: Network Design Questions

HSRP seems to be a good option. You may design it to have one core active at a time for 1 set of vlans & other active for rest of vlans.

For GLBP, refer this link which was recently discussed on this forum.

Re: Network Design Questions


1. GLBP provide load balancing and HA. If you only need HA, you choose from HSRP or VRRP. Most people use HSRP.

2. I don't think there is a problem between PVRST and GLBP

3. Thats cool

Where is your DHCP configuration? Core Switch or Server? Take ntoe that at present there is no DHCP redundancy configuration at Cisco L3 devices - I think there is a plan for it in the future.

I assume that you have the following;

1. Access Switch to Core is GE

2. FW module is in the Core to protect the servers from the users.

You may want to create separate VLAN for DMZ (web) and Internal (File, Print, DB, AD, DHCP) servers.

Some system engineers activate Win2003 FW to protect the server from the other server in the same VLAN.

Make sure Core SW1 is the primary root switch and Core SW2 is the backup root switch. This is quite simple but a lot of people encounter problems because the root is not setup properly.

...and hardcode the speed/duplex of the following connections;







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Re: Network Design Questions

Hi Thanks for reply.

I want to have LB and HA .

So i am still confused which technology to Use ( HSRP ,VRRP or GLBP) I prefer to use the technology with least maintenance.

secondly i also would like to confirm that is there any trouble when using Teaming in Servers with the PVRSTP enabled??

MS DHcp server will be deployed in the servers VLAN.

Do i need to have the Etherchannel between the ( cores) SW1 and SW2

Yes Access to core is GE

No Fw module now but planned to installed in near future.


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