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Network Management: SNMP Problems for Catalyst 3560 - IP3 appliance can't q

I posted this about a week ago in the Network Infrastructure forum, but I haven't received a hit. This is critical to be resolved within a week. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


We're in a catch 22, but a little history first. We're supporting a hotel that is using an IP3 NetAccess gateway to control guest Internet access. From my understanding, the IP3 gateway does an SNMP query to determine which port a particular MAC address is on, and the string I found from debugging SNMP on the switch is "dot1dTpFdbEntry.", which I believe is also ".". This OID does not "live" on this switch, so we tried a spare 2948G with the IP3 and got the same results. IP3 was sued and is apparently out of business, and the Catalyst is running the latest version of firmware (I believe 12.2.50). We're under the gun to get this working, but I'm out of ideas, and unfortunately replacing the IP3 isn't an option at this point. Does anyone have ideas we could try?

Thank you.


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Re: Network Management: SNMP Problems for Catalyst 3560 - IP3 ap

Hello Allyn,

according to Cisco SNMP Navigator



Permission not-accessible

Status current

it looks like that the MIB exists but it is not accessible.

An idea is the following: you should create a program that accepts the SNMP get from the device accesses via telnet or ssh the switch gets the information with a sh mac-address-table address

prepares an answer and sends it to the IP3.

So the IP3 should point to this PC running the program believing it is the switch.

you could look for TCL or PERL scripting languages and the expect library.

I suppose this is for accounting and billing purposes.

Hope to help


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Re: Network Management: SNMP Problems for Catalyst 3560 - IP3 ap

The IP3 problem we're troubleshooting is for only allowing registered guests to use the Internet from a couple PCs by the front door, and it prevents anyone off the streets from walking in an using it.

I follow what you are saying, and it's a great idea, but... there's only one already full week to get it done, so I don't think there is enough time to get this going. Maybe there is, though. Thanks for the idea.

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