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New Cisco Network - Design Issues

Hi everybody,

I am designing a new Cisco network and I have a few questions.

At the moment we have a totally flat network based on a single switch where everybody sits in one VLAN... users, servers, developers, everybody!

We have approximately 600 users (10/100 links), and we also need to accommodate 64 servers with dual NICs (1 Gbps links).

My initial thought was to use 14x 2960's (48-port) on the edge with redundant connections to the core, and two 6504's in the core. These two would have a single SUP720 and two 48-port 10/100/1000 each, to accommodate the connections to the 2960's AND the servers (the servers would have one connection to each core switch).

My problem is the low budget, and probably we cannot afford the 6504's. I should therefore come up with a second option.

This second option would be to use 4x 3750E's in the core (2 stacks of two), OR even 2 stacks of 3560E's! They both provide 32Gbps backplane and I reckon it should not pose a problem.

I have never come across though network of 600 users and 64 servers being based on a 3560's core!

Would they take the traffic?

(Most of the traffic is file transfers, with a very small percentage being streaming traffic. In addition, most of the traffic would be between the user VLANs and the server VLANs (I was thinking of two server VLANs, one through one core stack, and one through the other)

Would something like that work?



Cisco Employee

Re: New Cisco Network - Design Issues


As per the financial constraints, 3750 seems the BEST choice, 2 stacks of 2 switches,3 if possible, would serve you good. The next suggestion would be a pair of 4948G switches, may be bit expensive though.


Rajat Chauhan

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