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New Internet Connection

We  setup a new Internet Connection and got Cisco ASA firewall setup for basic operation. Basically just letting all traffic out and nothing back in. I then set the default route on the Core switch in HQ to use the new internet connection.

Internet worked great, but the problem is that with the default route set to other than our old AIS internet a lot of our services such as email broke.

All the exchange servers and spam filter sit in our HQ. I thought that as long as incoming connections could route in through AIS as they always have things should continue to work fine but it seems this is not the case.

In the long run I plan on setting up all our new public IP addresses on an external DNS server and adding NAT and firewall rules to the new firewall so connections to HQ servers can happen straight through the HQ firewall/New Internet Connection

Is there anything I can do in the short term to allow users in HQ to take advantage of the new internet connection without breaking the connections for email and other resources?

Can the old AIS internet provider create a DNS entry and Mail record for the traffic coming through our new Internet Provider.  I don't have much experience with DNS and Mail record and need some advise before calling our Internet Provider to make appropriate changes.

Please advise on a recommended configuration.



New Internet Connection


You could do PBR on your Core switch forwarding the desired traffic to AIS and let other internet traffic go out the firewall but this means you'll have to maintain both connections up until you finally move all to new provider and make appropriate changes.



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