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New Lan

I am looking for recommendations on the hardware necessary to establish a hybrid in house lan.  I am building a new house and have wired each room with cat5 to a central point in the attic, paired with this is the tv cable and phone wire.  I would like to know what equipment is needed to support the following  and how to best connect each. 

2 desk top pcs

2 wireless ready laptops

1 kindle

2 wired or wireless printers

1 stand alone disk storage

1 smart tv

1 wreless router

ISP will be cable provider and

would like the pcs to communicate with each other easily

Thanks in advance for your help.



Re: New Lan

   If you have a wireless  router you are probably mostly set as long as you have enough wired ports for the stuff you need otherwise just buy a small  unmanaged switch for any wired ports and plug that into the wireless router. 

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New Lan


Thanks for the reply.  I do have a wireless router, Netgear WPS, with 4 ports.  However, I do not believe this router would be strong enough since it would be behind doors and many walls.  I am seeking advice on the Linksys router that would support at least 8 ports.  Since I am not expert, for the devices that currently have a wireless adapter, would I just need to disengage those and connect them to the cat5?




New Lan

  If the devices have  a copper nic card then yes thats all that would need to be done is plug them into the wireless router or switch .  If your wireless router is an "N" router and your clients have "N" adaptors  I would try  your current setup and see if you can get a signal to all the places in your house before spending additional money on a different wireless router,  N radios give much better coverage and speeds than the old ""B/G" setups .  Most home wireless routers come with only 4 copper ports but all that would need to be done is to plug an unmanaged switch into one of the copper wireless router ports and plug the cat5 into that switch .  

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Re: New Lan

I am building a new house and have wired each room with cat5 to a central point in the attic

Whoopsie.  Cat5?  Really?  If you want to at least run 1Gbps then Cat5e is the minimum standard.  If you can negotiate to get Cat6 then you are good, very good.

For the list of equipment, I'd recommend you get a wired router to connect to your ISP.  You will most likely need an 8- or 12-port GigabitEthernet switch.  Now whether or not you want your switch to be PoE (power over ethernet) is up to you.  But depending on whether or not you will want to have multiple access point in your house, PoE switch would be great.

I'm not a big fan of a wireless router or a router with built-in WAP.  This is because, as you've stated in your second post, that the router will be located far away from the client.

So what models to choose from?

Well the first question in mind is WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET?

What is the bandwidth from your ISP?

Do you want 802.11n or is 802.11a/b/g wireless access point enough for you?  (Before you say 802.11n, I just came back from Cisco Live and went to the wireless-related Breakout Sessions.  In the sessions, as I attended two of them, speakers were emphasizing that smartphones, tablets and Apple iDevices, MAY support 802.11n but due to design limitation won't do any higher than MCS rate 7.  Wireless laptops or PCs, however, can.)

New Member

Re: New Lan


Thanks for the reply.  Tried to get the Cat6 but was not successful. I believe cat5e was pulled.  Budget is not the major question.  I am subscribing to an ISP who can provide a max of 49Mbps, which I am opting for.  The two desktops will be the most active users, doing mostly surfing and email.  The next biggest user will be the smart tv because we plan to watch movies and sports (ESPN3).  The laptop and kindle will be used sporadically.  Would like to put the access point in the attic area, for guests to access internet while visiting.  The printer should be networked for anyone to use.  So, what linksys device would you suggest to support this environment?  Thanks.  Bob


Re: New Lan

  Go to , they have a build your network link in there and you can specify what you want to do with the network , how big the house is etc and it will give you options.

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