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Newbie help-2924xl system light amber

Just picked up a used Cisco catalyst 2924c-xl switch. Once the switch has posted I have four dead ports (amber) and the system LED is also amber. I've done a 'write erase' and also loaded the latest IOS. Logs show ports 5-8 are dead.."looped-back packet not received". System light was amber as well as ports 5-8 before I did anything and nothing has changed since IOS load or write erase. Cisco troubleshooting doc says Firmware could be corrupt and links to article on how to reload IOS. I don't need all the ports so dead ports are no big deal. I'm just concerned about the amber System LED. Post showed everything else posted successfully. Any ideas or is this switch bad? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Newbie help-2924xl system light amber

I found this manual on Cisco's site. Seems to be more up to date than the one I looked at earlier. I did a 'show POST' to view what failed during post to cause the system light to turn amber. All it showed me was the dead ports I have. I assume all is well with the rest of the switch so will use it and see what happens. Here's the link in case anyone's interested:

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Re: Newbie help-2924xl system light amber

Hi Todis204,

It could be a hardware issue and you can open a tech with Cisco for the same if covered under the contract.

But can you try and see the vlan configuration. Vlan configuration are save as vlan.dat file and do not get erase with the “write erase “command. IF possible configuration the port to Vlan 1 and then check the lights.

Do rate the solution.

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Re: Newbie help-2924xl system light amber

evsrajatgupta ,

thanks for your reply. I will try that. I'm at a different location today but will try this tomorrow and let you know.

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