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Newbie: login to a Cisco 2950 switch and modify VLAN entry on its ports

Good morning,

In my lab, there are some machines that are connected using Cisco 2950 switches. Those machines belong to a VLAN.

Now I need to modify the VLAN settings of the machines and as such I also need to modify the VLAN settings on the ports on the Cisco switches.

In order to do this, first I need to login to those switches, but due to a lack of knowledge transfer, I don't have the password. Is the some generic password?

Second I will need to  modify the VLAN settings on each individual port. How can I do this?



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Newbie: login to a Cisco 2950 switch and modify VLAN entry on it

Are these brand new switches or second hand?  What type of modifications are you looking to do to the VLANs?


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Newbie: login to a Cisco 2950 switch and modify VLAN entry on it


there is no password by default on the switch. How are you connecting to it? if it is via a console cable what password is it asking, the exec password or the privileged mode password? If it is connected to another switch or router can you do a sh cdp nei detail on this neighbouring device to find out the management IP then try to login via telnet/ssh and maybe there is no login password there.Anyway if you're locked out of the switch you'll have to do a password recovery to login or ask your colleagues the credentials.

here is the link for password recovery:

For changing VLAN mapping of a port:

switch# enable

switch(config)# switchport access vlan

This will only work if the switch is in VTP server or transparent mode: to verify switch# sh vtp status

then to see the mapping is done correctly : switch# sh vlan brief  and you should see the ports active for the VLAN id



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