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Newbie VLAN Implementation 3750E

I have servers connected to 3750E stack as my core switch and I was wondering how to setup VLANs on this switch so that cleint will have access to the servers. I have created vlans 20,30,40, 50 and 60 on the switch with the IP helper address for each vlan, and my uplink ports are trunk with the vlan added.

If someone guide me in the right direction this would be helpful.

Cisco Employee

Re: Newbie VLAN Implementation 3750E

Hi Key,

I believe you have created layer 3 interfaces for those vlans correct? Then you can create layer 2 vlans.

Something like this

switch(config)#vlan 20

switch(config)#vlan 30

and follow the same procedure for all vlans and check the status with command "sh vlan" once vlan are created if you want any physical port to be a part of that vlan then run this command


switch(config-if)#switchport mode access

switch(config-if)#switchport access



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Re: Newbie VLAN Implementation 3750E

Yes I have created layer 3 Vlans. So I need to add the servers to the different vlans I have setup on the switch.

I also have a mail server that users need to access. Do I set the port as a trunk and add the different vlans to the trunk port.

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Re: Newbie VLAN Implementation 3750E

If you have only one switch, there is no need for trunking to connect things together. If you create Layer 2 VLANs and want to route between them, you will need to create SVI interfaces for all of them and create a IP address scheme for them as well. Since they are all connected to the same physical L2/L3 device, you may not need to run a routing protocol to talk in between the VLANs.

Set all your ports as access ports

apply the correct vlan to the interfaces.

Create the SVI interfaces so you can use the L3 functionality within the switch.

Thats all you really need. How big is this network ?

Community Member

Re: Newbie VLAN Implementation 3750E

The network has 400 users and 8 edge switches.

I have created VLANs on the edge switches and added VLANs to the uplink ports back to the core 3750E switch. I haven't assign any ports to VLANs on the edge switches or the core switch yet. I am running ip routing on the core switch, VLANs setup on core switch are layer 3 with the IP helper address, RSTP on switchs.

I would like to know what is the next step on the core switch where the servers are located so that all users will have access to the different servers.

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